Pre-Requisites – Mountain Leader Award


To attend a Mountain Leader Training course you need to be registered on the Mountain Leader scheme

1. Register

How do you register with the Mountain Leader scheme?

  • You can do this online at – Login or Sign-up (in the top right-hand corner) then click on the ‘Registration’ tab.
  • To register you will need to be eighteen or over, have at least a years worth of mountain walking experience and be a member of the BMC, Mountaineering Scotland or Mountaineering Ireland. Joining one these bodies can be done while registering for the scheme.

The benefits of joining a mountaineering council include the work they do towards fathering assess and conservation to the wild places of Britain and Ireland. You will also receive third-party liability Insurance.

For more information please visit

2. Once registered

  • You need to have at least twenty quality mountain days (QMD) logged on your online logbook (aka DLOG).
  • These days can be prior to your registration.

For more information please visit the ML Award FAQs page.

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