Elliot Brown watches release the Holton Professional – it’s fantastic!

At KMF this weekend, the guys from Elliot Brown watches popped over to see Sam with their new watch – The Holton Professional.

It’s built for a ‘specific military unit’ (we all know what that means!) and it is epic. Sam has been an ambassador for Elliot Brown watches for a while now, and theres a review on the Sam Sykes website about his.

Heres what they have to say about the Holton Professional…

Elliot Brown Watches is incredibly proud to announce the first military issue watch from a British company in ten years, complete with NATO stock number (NSN).

The unveiling of the Elliot Brown Holton Professional follows extensive R&D work and was developed in direct response to contact from specialist military operators for a fit for purpose dive watch. This legacy entitles the Holton Professional to feature the famous Broad Arrow on the dial. It will enter military service as a piece of issued equipment for all serving members of a specific military unit, as well as a variant sold through select retailers.

Designed for divers

Its name was inspired by the Royal Navy’s Cordite Factory at Holton Heath in Elliot Brown’s home county of Dorset.

The watch has been tested to the necessary extremes – including high altitude jumps, long duration cold water immersion, dusty desert hideouts and diving in tropical waters. It has also passed a water pressure test at 200m.

Its design is thoughtful and considerate of the work of military dive professionals. The bezel is unidirectional, luminous at night and can be turned using the palm of a cold, wet glove.

Elliot Brown co-founder, Ian Elliot, says:

“Our inspiration came from historical dive watches. It had to be original and innovative but have a military bearing that would be relevant and familiar. This watch is typical of our meticulous attention to detail.”

Priced at £425 fitted with webbing and £450 with rubber strap.

  • The Holton is equipped with a Swiss movement housed inside a shock protection system
  • 2mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal and
  • The triple sealed crown is deeply recessed and screws into the case to protect against moisture and knocks.
  • The fitted black NATO strap is extra-long to enable fitting over a dry or wet suit.
  • Alternatively, it comes on a soft EPDM rubber strap that’s hypoallergenic and isn’t sticky like silicone can be.
  • Resistant to seawater, UV, and extremely cold temperatures.

The Holton Professional is available for pre-sale now via the Elliot Brown website.

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