DofE Expedition provider Sam Sykes

Ideal for anyone who cannot make their school dates or does not have a team to complete their expedition with.

Join other like-minded individuals in the UK to complete your Practice and / or Qualifying expedition.

Our friendly instructors are there to welcome you and support you in both getting to know your team and completing each stage of your expedition.

Information packs are sent out in advance so that you can fully prepare.

What are people’s perceptions of achieving a DofE award outside of school?

If you’ve left school and are considering completing your DofE, this podcast may be of interest…

DofE Gold Expedition For Individuals

  • Be Inspired
  • Enjoy a fulfilling challenge
  • Experience the best with Sam Sykes™

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A fantastic DofE Gold Horseback Expedition

Your expedition will take you straight out into the hills and will offer a real sense of true adventure.

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This 5-day DofE Gold Zoo Keepers residential combines theory with practical, hands-on experience section at the zoo, focusing on key transferable skills to take away

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Jul 26
Aug 23

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World Class DofE Expedition Providers

We run Open Expedition packages that will help you complete the DofE expedition section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We run full open programs including:

  • Training
  • Practice expedition
  • Qualifying expedition.

“What if I’ve already done my expedition training but need to complete a practice or qualifying expedition?”

  • You can elect to do only the training or the training and practice.
  • You could take part in one of our open award expeditions. Due to Injury, illness, family pressures etc. we understand people drop out of their original expedition teams.
  • If you trained and need to join with others to complete an expedition then please contact us below.

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