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“I recommend him highly to anyone looking for a company to do outdoor training…I don’t know what I would have done without him.”
DEPUTY HEAD – St.Georges, Ascot

Expedition Packages

Expedition Packages

With a fully flexible approach in terms of dates, locations and activities, we can definitely take care of your DofE expedition management.

Overseas Expedition

Overseas Expedition

If venturing beyond the UK on Overseas DofE Expeditions appeals to you, our experienced team organise trips to France, Spain, Iceland, Morocco and Slovakia



This fun and engaging opportunity is ideal for anyone with a passion for animals and conservation, or anyone looking to study a related area.

Horse Riding Expedition

Horse Riding Expedition

With nationwide expeditions and a range of exciting activities, our Gold package is the ultimate DofE adventure.

Expedition support

Expedition support

Whether it's instructors, kit, consultancy or something else you need to make your event work, we can help.

Bespoke Expeditions

Bespoke Expeditions

We know that all schools are different, and so to reflect this we offer our bespoke DofE package service

DofE Expedition Management


For individuals and groups. We do everything for you, instructors, kit, logistics, 24 hour supervision and peace of mind. Flexible dates, methods of travel and costings. Whatever level you achieve, by taking part in such an amazing endeavour you will give yourself the best chance to achieve something that truly makes you stand out.

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If venturing beyond the UK appeals to you, our experienced team can organise a range of full expedition packages in places such as France, Spain, Iceland, Morocco and Slovakia.

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DofE Residential


For something a little different, in conjunction with Blackpool Zoo, we offer our unique 5-night specialist zoo keeper’s residential.

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Choosing to complete a Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award on horseback presents participants with a unique set of challenges, but it also provides a tremendous sense of adventure and achievement. Travel by horse requires careful planning to ensure success and to overcome the challenges that participants will encounter.

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After something unique? We know that all schools are different, and so to reflect this we offer our bespoke DofE package service.

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Just need a little guidance? Get in touch, we’ve been offering our client consultancy services to schools for a number of years.

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Already have you expedition planed, just need a little extra support to ensure it all runs safely? Whatever your needs, we have the experience and expertise to help.

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What can your school and pupils get out of the DofE experience?

We work closely with school throughout the Uk and beyond. We see the difference it makes to teachers’ and pupils’ lives on a daly basis. Watch this short video to find out a little more about both…

DofE Expedition Aims

For 60 years in nearly 150 countries, the DofE award scheme has been inspiring millions of young people. Providing challenges that are enjoyable and fulfilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for many.

With three awards on offer – Gold, Silver and Bronze – we encourage everyone to go for gold from the outset. By taking part in such an amazing endeavour, you will give yourself the best chance to achieve something that makes you truly stand out.

We know from talking to schools, colleges, businesses and charities that when it comes to proving you’ve got what it takes, participation in the DofE simply cannot be beaten.


You will need to choose a location that suits your aim and needs. Don’t want to travel too far from home? We provide DofE Expeditions all over the UK. Want to make their expedition a ‘once in a life time’ journey? Head abroad of an overseas expedition.


You will need to undertake training to ensure you’re fully primed to be self sufficient. Your training will involve: first aid, emergency procedures, navigation, camp craft, kit selection.

The Expedition

You’ll then do a practice expedition. This is to ensure you are capable enough to complete a full expedition. If not, don’t worry, you can do more learning before doing it for real.
If we’re happy, we’ll sign your logbook and you’re ready for your qualifying expedition. Next you’ll get a real feeling of independence and adventure. You’ll then get to go off with your group on a self-sufficient journey! You’ll plan for yourselves with an expedition aim that you’ve chosen.

You’ll need to meet the ’20 Conditions’ for expeditions set down by the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

How long does my expedition need to be?

More information can be found on the relevant expedition level pages:


  • Over 850,000 young people now take part in the DofE scheme across the globe
  • The DofE scheme now runs in more than 140 countries and territories
  • In the UK alone, over 300,000 young participants are grabbing this chance to do something amazing with their lives every year.

Ideas for your expedition teams’ aims

Stuck for what to have as your expedition aim? Here are a few ideas from dofe.info that participants have used in the past which may inspire you…

Ideas for Expedition Aims


Each award contains four sections:

1) Volunteering

Your chance to make a difference in your community and develop compassion by helping others. Participants are often amazed by just how much they get out of this part of the award.

2) Physical

Improve your fitness, test yourself and reach new healthy heights. Participating and – most of all – achieving.

3) Skills

Develop vital life skills such as communication, team working, leadership and determination.

4) Expedition

Unleash your quest for adventure by planning, training for, and then undertaking an exciting expedition. Become a vital team member while also learning how to become self-reliant.

The Gold award also contains a fifth section:

5) The Residential

Designed to challenge you by putting you in a team environment with people you don’t yet know (but don’t worry, you soon will). Our Residential works wonders for your communication skills. You’ll be enhancing your awareness, and providing the ultimate preparation for the real world.


The three Programmes on offer are Gold, Silver and Bronze

Here at Sam Sykes™ we encourage everyone to go for gold from the outset. Whatever level you achieve, you’ll give yourself the best chance at achieving something that makes truly you stand out. Take part in an amazing endeavour.

DofE expedition management is our bread and butter, is in our DNA, it’s what we do.

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Safety is at the very core of the Sam Sykes™ ethos. A commitment to ensuring the welfare of all expedition members underpins everything the company does. Safety procedures are solidly adhered to, and the qualified team is at the very forefront of health and safety practices.

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DofE Approved

Sam Sykes’™ experience has enabled the company to become an Approved Activity Provider. Choose Sam Sykes’™ to Deliver your bespoke Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions for the expedition section of the Award. We also offer professional advice on all aspects of the scheme.

AALA Licensed

The ‘Adventure Activities Licensing Authority’ is the government body and part of the HSE. It assesses, regulates and monitors outdoor activity provision. The AALA ensures the safety of all participants. Sam Sykes™ is proud to be AALA licensed and to uphold the high standards of safety that this licence represents.


Sam Sykes™ is completely insured for outdoor activities. We hold public liability as well as employee liability insurance with BAHIS. Personal accident insurance cover is available through the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.


All staff are more than qualified in delivering expeditions. We hold a range of qualifications awarded by national governing bodies in the field of outdoor activities. First aid is always a particular area of focus.

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Did you know?

  • Current number of participants globally: 850,000
  • Number of countries and territories running DofE programmes: over 140
  • Currently over 300,000 young people are doing their DofE each year in the UK